Welcome to Leaps & Bounds Training.

Whether you are here for training or boarding, you’ve made a good decision and you are in the right place! We are professional, courteous and bonded.

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We offer private training in your home.  This sometimes includes field trips to advance and test your dogs training – but don’t worry, everything is carefully controlled and is only done when you and your dog are ready.  If you have been told that your dog is beyond help, we want to talk to you as Suzanne specializes in Behavioural Modification.

We also offer boarding services in our home.  Safety is paramount in our home.  Boarding includes plenty of playtime, walks, carefully scheduled and monitored feedings.

Puppy selection consultations are a great way to end up with the right type of dog for you and/or your family.  Suzanne will help you decide on a breed, size and gender of dog.  She will also help you plan your first 6 months of training to be sure that you end up with the dog you hoped you would have.

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