Here are some testimonials from current and past clients.  Feel free to call anyone who has their phone number listed below.

“I’ve worked with Suzanne for over 10 years. My dog has been welcome in my workplace office (during the work day) by 3 different employers over the past 10 years due to being so well behaved/trained. My dog also became so well trained that he became listed with an acting agent at the age of 3 and once had an audition for a commercial. My dog is now completely blind and impresses everyone with his amazing level of confidence. I have also personally witnessed her work and progress with difficult dogs taking them from problem dogs (aggressive or simply unruly) to being confident and stable pets. I was lucky enough to begin my training with Suzanne the week I brought my dog home at 10 weeks of age and progressed from puppy to advanced training over several years. I still reach out to her today for advice as I try to help my (now blind) dog stay happy and confident into his senior years.

-Anne Marie Lorusso (www.annemarielorusso.ca) 416-806-3423

“Suzanne is dedicated to doing the best she can for the client’s that she sees. She is “in tune” with herself and the people and animals she meets and uses not only her education and experience, but her intuition to make sure that she provides the best service she can to the pet and owner alike.”

Brian Bresolin

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